Nagoya and Suzuka

Naomi on a ferris wheel high above the city of Nagoya

Japanese Ferrari fan giving the Tifosi a run for their money.

Sebation Vettel having just become 2011 World Champion

October saw Naomi and I catching the shinkansen from Osaka to Nagoya to see the Japanese Formula 1 GP. The birthplace of pachinko the city is lit up by neon flashing lights. For 500 yen we climb aboard a Ferris wheel on the third floor of a shopping centre and ride 60 metres above the city to have a look at them. After we head out to an izakaya and order the bashino- that’s raw horse meat! The initial mouthful is a struggle but by the second and third I’m not thinking of the horses I’ve ridden and just enjoying the strange taste.
The Japanese come out in force for the F1 but everything is so polite and orderly. Not too mention that unlike other races the prices of food and drink have not been put up. The race sees Jenson Button take the win but Sebastian Vettel, in third, scores enough points to claim the world championship. The Japanese are too polite to jump the fence when the race finishes, unlike the Melbourne F1, so we miss the presentation and the excitement of standing on the grid.


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