Anabuki Takoyaki

A student grabs some takoyaki while waiting for his train.

Takoyaki or たこ焼き or fried/grilled octopus are a popular snack in Japan. Mostly they’re called octopus balls, but they’re not actually made of…well you know, it just means they are in a ball shape. Not being a big fan of octopus I really didn’t think I’d like them but one night when I was waiting for the train in Anabuki I accidentally ate them. I thought this cute little place sold other things and I just pointed at a picture, the one next to the balls with Japanese mayonnaise and seaweed on it and handed over my money. I was three balls deep before I realised there was octopus inside them. They were tasty though and I’ve since been back for more at this little hole in the wall near Anabuki station, they’ve also got tempura octopus on a stick and a couple of other things I’ve yet to figure out all octopus though except for the fries. Takoyaki stalls can be found everywhere, kind of like a kebab shop in Australia, small huts on the road, little shops like this one or even out of the back of van parked anywhere. Stayed tuned for more takoyaki adventures.


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