Dochu in the rain.

Lighting up Dochu.

Most people think of Japan as full of light, I mean it is the Land of the Rising Sun after all. Images are full of flashing neon lights and huge televisions advertising products from the sides of buildings. But away from the main streets Japan can very dark, it’s like the contrast level as been taken right up. The lights are bright and the shadows are a deep, inky black.

This shot is taken up at the Dochu Sand Pillars near Awa. For a period during the year they light them up every night, powerful spotlights so you can see the natural wonders. The pillars themselves are interesting but the way they’ve been lit at night is terrible, front on so it flattens them to the eye. This picture for me is how things should be lit, highlighting an object, illuminating an area and used sparingly. That way the balance between light and dark tells a story.

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