GR20 Introduction

As promised in my iPhone post   GR20 Teaser photos  here is the introduction to my GR20 series. The GR20 is one of the toughest multi-day hikes in Europe. It’s a two hundred kilometre trek through the rugged mountains down the centre of Corsica. The largest is Monte Cinto, a 2 700 metre climb though this is not on the actual GR20 track.

Corsica is now technically part of France (since 1769), but has been independent and ruled by the Italians. It is still fiercely independent and retains it’s own language and customs. Corse as it’s known is a medium sized island just north of Sardinia that consists of a chain of mountains that run north south almost the entire length of the island. Surrounding these are beautiful beaches and limestone cliffs that make Corsica an ideal holiday destination. But if you’re after a holiday with a little more endurance perhaps you should think about walking the GR20. The walk is attempted by people of all ages and requires no technical skills (unless you go in winter) as long as you have the fitness to walk at about six hours a day. Most days the elevation changes add up to about 1 000m with biggest probably being the first day (North to South route) which is a 1 300 metre climb.

The view down to Calvi on Day 1

The view down to Calvi on Day 1


Most guide books list the entire trek in fifteen or sixteen stages with one stage a days walk. Despite this we managed to do the trek in twelve days plus one extra for the Monte Cinto summit. People have been known to do the course in seven or eight days but I’m not sure going that fast is as pleasurable. You can also do parts of it by joining the route (by hiking) from various towns, or the popular half trek to Vizzavona, the town in the middle that splits the north and south.

So why walk the GR20? For views like this for one!

The view from my tent

The view from my tent

If you like what you see stay tuned for the next post about what you need to hike the whole thing.

If you’ve done the trek, leave a comment saying how long it took you and what your favourite stage was.


Little mountain lake near a bergerie - more on cheese later with a food post

Little mountain lake near a bergerie – more on cheese later with a food post

There’s more to come in the GR20 series all about the walk including the infamous Cirque de la Solitude, eating wild boar and much much more. Stay tuned and check my instagram account for more photo’s from my adventures.


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