Adani and the Great Barrier Reef

Humpback in the ocean

Our wild places under threat

I thought we were done with this S#@t! But no they think we will just tire out, lose momentum and they’ll slip by us. They are at it again. This is yet another urgent call to action. Let me explain.

Adani is Indian mining company with a bad track record environmentally. The Great Barrier Reef is a world heritage listed area that is under increasing threat for a great many reasons. It is also economically valuable for tourism. You can read a list of Adani’s many environmental disasters here and see Greenpeace’s in depth report on their environmental destruction and non-compliance with regulations here. The report is rather long and we cannot have a company like this anywhere near the reef.

This is (some) of what they want

-To make the largest coal mine in Australia
-Dredge a harbour and dump the sludge where it would impact on the health of the reef
-Run many more ships, and on new sea lanes right through the reef
and now…

-they want the Australian government to break the promise they made at the federal election less than six months ago and have the taxpayer give them $1 billion dollars for a train line.

If you live in Melbourne there is rally as the Prime Minister meets with Adani. It’s early on Monday the 5th, so head there before work in front of the commonwealth offices at 0845. RSVP and get all the information here.

But there are many other ways to help if you can’t make it.

-Send an email to the Prime Minister asking him to keep his promises.
-Contact your bank and ask them not to fund Adani. Even international banks like Barclays (who have already said no), but especially NAB, Westpac, ANZ and Commonwealth.
-Share info on social media regarding this issue.
-Sign the petition to stop this HERE!
-You can donate to getUp who has been instrumental in fighting Adani in the courts.

Sorry for two politically charged posts in a row, I’ll try to put some more pictures up in the next post but in the mean time why not check out my instagram for some great images.


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